Acupuncture for Everyone is a group effort. It is a “community” acupuncture clinic in more ways than one. Not only is the clinic designed around a communal healing model, but it has taken a community of people to get it up and running – and to keep it running.

Many hours of work by many friends have gotten the office painted and decorated, business cards and web based materials designed, and supplies stocked. More help has been provided through the wisdom and talents of a wide variety of people with expertise in writing, marketing, design, diagnosis and the running of other community acupuncture clinics! When you walk into the office, you walk into a space designed from the ground up by many hands. And you are treated based on the collective and continually developing wisdom of thousands of years of Asian medicine.

There is always more work to be done, and contributions of all sorts come in on a continuing basis. If you are interested in contributing any talents to the design and running of Acupuncture for Everyone, just let us know! It is also possible to swap treatment time for “project” time if you have a specific project in mind that you think will enhance the space or the activity of Acupuncture for Everyone. We are open to change!

Projects might include:

  • Outreach to different communities
  • Collecting online resources to connect to the website
  • Consulting about small business strategies
  • Feng Shui advice
  • Distributing flyers

There are many possibilities!